That night

That night

There he was,

That night, he glimpsed upon the stars.

His cold breath touched the sweet sorrow glass

His chair rocked, each time he whispered her name

A star twinkled and the clock kept ticking

His eyes caught a note, which he had rumbled upon at first

Crushed, torn and broken it was

His heart and the note.

Time just kept ticking by.

Days, months, years

Still, that chair kept rocking back and forth.

Back and forth

If only he knew then

How much she meant


As his old wrinkled hand, swept away each tear

He knew, the time was near

Knives in his heart and love in his body

The note was his only

He could see his reflection, in that glass

Broken in tiny pieces, it was

That was full of great misery

He shivered. Just a little

Wrapped around in a baby blanket

Still rocked in his cradle


He wrapped his fingers around that crumpled, twisted note

Not letting a single second go by

Held it so tight, closed his wrinkled eyes

And whispered to himself


A cold blue wind passed by

Sweeping up his tears

But that somehow, didn’t change anything.


He howled in pain, the echo whispered back to him every time

Staring blankly at that one twinkle

There he was

Old and alone.


The clock rewinded

A few days, months, years

He opened his eyes, gasped once or twice

Remembered a few things from last night

His eyes caught a note

Hiss heart fled with tears

There and then it grew, a sudden fear

His feet leaped towards the doorstep

There he stood

Howling in pain, the echo whispered back to him every time

He shivered, just a little, of the cold rusty ache

He closed his teary eyes

She came back. She was happy.


They hugged.

But it was all gone within a blink of an eye.


His knees felt so weak

His heart ached so heavily

His eyes bled so much

He collapsed to the ground

Wishing he had appreciated her.

There he was

By the doorstep

With the note crumpled in his fingers